Double yellow line …no parking

Paperwork finished for my film Unhinged

A dark, twisted tale about a young man who against all evils tails to control his temptations.

Elliot is a young male with a trouble past trying to control his temptations and mental Heath with his and collective psychiatrist. Little does she know that of these sessions has been leading up to a dreaded end.

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Studio Time ! 5, 4 , 3, 2, 1 !

One of my favourite places to be , is in the television studio !!

Why ?? ….because I’m hit with an open spaces and the chance to create what ever I want. Which can be enhanced by the set , lighting and the actors ! There are no limits and the list is endless to what  can be done with the open space.

“Everything I learned I learned from the
― Audrey Hepburn